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  • The president is constitutionally required to live where the seat of Government is.
  • He believed that constitutionally, the state government of each state had more power within that state than did the federal government.
  • This type has been constitutionally tested and is sound under certain conditions.
  • Constitutionally, this development means that there is no official opposition in Parliament.
  • The court turned down the case, stating that individual application to the court was constitutionally impossible.
  • The parliament has constitutionally fixed four-year terms for the fourth Saturday of March every four years.
  • It is a choice which I think no State can constitutionally demand.
  • The Vice President is constitutionally required to live where the seat of Government is.
  • The proposed amendment would have constitutionally defined marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman.
  • Some had or have a single legislature, which may or may not be constitutionally created.
  • Constitutionally, the number of Senators per state is two, no matter the size population.
  • The first two general elections all the constitutionally elected positions all went to the Republicans.
  • First, it held that cell site information reveals non-public information about constitutionally protected spaces.
  • Aside from these principles constitutionally recognized, the foreign policy has been based on some doctrines.
  • Its composition structure and powers, though, are constitutionally dependent upon current law.
  • His death left his father without a constitutionally recognized heir.
  • Most crimes constitutionally fall under the jurisdiction of state police or the thousands of local police forces.
  • A constitutionally limited government is a system of government that is bound to certain principles of action by a state constitution.
  • Constitutionally the two are of similar status where Britain provides controlled defence and external relations.
  • When she was asked to leave, she refused on the grounds that the company rule could not be constitutionally applied to her.
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Meaning of constitutionally

  • adverb According to the constitution
    this was constitutionally ruled out