Constitutionalist forces

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  • Constitutionalist forces continued to hound him until he was defeated in battle in April 1915.
  • Before the Battle of Celaya, Villa's forces had never been defeated in a major battle against the constitutionalist forces.
  • The defenders of the bridge anticipated an attack, following skirmishes with Constitutionalist forces on the two preceding days.
  • He arrived in Azerbaijan but refused to fight the constitutionalist forces deeming it "fratricide".
  • Salazar, leading 4000 men made an attempt to retake the capital at the end of July, but was defeated by Constitutionalist forces.
  • The commander of the Constitutionalist forces was Alvaro Obregon, the future President of Mexico.
  • Although Tampico was besieged by Constitutionalist forces, relations between U.S. forces and Huerta's federal garrison remained amicable.
  • When he returned from Europe, he joined the Constitutionalist forces led by Venustino Carranza, and was appointed Director of the Academy of San Carlos.
  • The Battle of Naco, or the First Battle of Naco due to a later siege was a battle of the Mexican Revolution between Constitutionalist forces and Mexican government forces.
  • Teymourtash's active involvement in constitutional gatherings led, in due course, to his appointment as Chief of Staff of the populist constitutionalist forces resisting the reigning Monarch's decision to storm the buildings of Parliament.
  • Forced to escape to a death sentence for this act (sentence of 27 February 1823), he went in Spain where he joined the ranks of the liberal constitutionalist forces (1822-23).
  • In the summer of 1914, the combined Constitutionalist forces ousted General Victoriano Huerta, who had usurped the presidency from Madero over a year prior.