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  • Info A constable is a person holding a particular office, most commonly in law enforcement. more...
  • I can still see in my mind's eye that constable's face. Cited from A Girl Among the Anarchists, by Isabel Meredith
  • His father worked as a constable and got transferred on a regular basis.
  • These constables can only serve within the county they are appointed.
  • Her eyes were fixed full upon the constable's face, though she did not see him. Cited from The Fourth Watch, by H. A. Cody
  • This medal is also being given to police constables under similar rules.
  • Persons elected generally serve a year as junior and then senior constable.
  • She turned herself over to the constable and was placed on trial.
  • Also known as a constable, governor of the castle district or captain.
  • With them was also a local constable not shown in the film.
  • Officers or people acting in their aid must be accompanied by a constable at night.
  • Out on the beat, the new constables try hard, but are less than successful.
  • He was also responsible for leading the kingdom into battle, although this duty could be passed to a constable.
  • He is regarded as one of the first career chief constables in the UK.
  • Constables who are elected officials are generally limited to serving civil process within the town they are elected by.
  • Each force has between one and six assistant chief constables.
  • Special Constables may already be employees of a police force as support staff.
  • One year later, he was appointed to the permanent post of Chief Constable.
  • It would seem that these constables did have such a power.
  • His family enlisted a local constable to make sure he attended school.
  • Following its capture, constables were appointed to command the castle and the surrounding area.
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Meaning of constable

  • noun A lawman with less authority and jurisdiction than a sheriff
  • noun English landscape painter (1776-1837)
  • noun A police officer of the lowest rank