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  • The general scale of living for the common people has also advanced conspicuously. Cited from Evolution Of The Japanese, Social And Psychic, by Sidney L. Gulick
  • He was too conspicuously the very head and front of the American cause. Cited from George Washington, by William Roscoe Thayer
  • All of these objects are conspicuously close to each other in the sky.
  • Her brother and his friends were, less conspicuously, in the same state. Cited from The Genius, by Margaret Horton Potter
  • These three countries are conspicuously ahead of all the others to which our table refers. Cited from Crime and Its Causes, by William Douglas Morrison
  • And he adjusted his own arm less conspicuously along the seat at my back. Cited from The Golden Bird, by Maria Thompson Daviess
  • He rather conspicuously avoided a reference to her poetry when they met again. Cited from Judith of the Plains, by Marie Manning
  • If the women's lives were conspicuously short, it was not so with the men. Cited from The Old Coast Road, from Boston to Plymouth by Agnes Rothery
  • Play mechanics conspicuously take the physical form of the game pieces into account.
  • But there may be one or two plants that stand out conspicuously as the best of the whole lot. Cited from Culinary Herbs: Cultivation, Harvesting, Curing and Uses, by M. G. Kains
  • Some had served conspicuously in the navy, and others like himself had spent long lives in the commercial marine. Cited from The Harris-Ingram Experiment, by Charles E. Bolton
  • I had met them at various houses, but they had never shone conspicuously. Cited from Love Among the Chickens, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • The parish church of St Michael stands out conspicuously on the hill side. Cited from Somerset, by G.W. Wade and J.H. Wade
  • Concerning the dramatic works: Is the leading idea conspicuously brought forward throughout each work? Cited from The Germ, by Various
  • Some of them stood out conspicuously by their playing. Cited from Football Days, by William H. Edwards
  • In all cases the resulting plants had conspicuously short stems and dark green leaves.
  • A bit too conspicuously to suit me, and I wonder what is up. Cited from The Road, by Jack London
  • But was there any future for him there, other than as a conspicuously well-paid reporter? Cited from Success, by Samuel Hopkins Adams
  • He has been conspicuously silent on his views of men engaging in the same practice.
  • Man, so conspicuously unable to improve himself, is always making his inventions better. Cited from A Boswell of Baghdad, by E. V. Lucas
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Meaning of conspicuously

  • adverb In a manner tending to attract attention
    there have been plenty of general declarations about willingness to meet and talk, but conspicuously no mention of time and place