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  • Info A consortium is an association of two or more individuals, companies, organizations or governments (or any combination of these entities) with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.
  • At first the new consortium intended to produce one long-range and one short-range version.
  • The consortia work closely with one another and each has its own student council.
  • However, along came a bright new consortium who began to shape the future of the club once again.
  • The crossing was built by a business consortium under a public-private partnership.
  • Students from members of this consortium may apply to go to any participating university outside their own country.
  • After being elected to Parliament he sold his share of that business to a consortium led by his former business partner.
  • These three consortiums were each given three, three, and one twenty order packages respectively.
  • During the period of the contract the consortium will provide certain services, which were previously provided by the public sector.
  • Consequently, the bank was divided into three parts, each owned by one of the members of the consortium.
  • These consortia also provide the academic base to support the local work of the Educational Network.
  • The consortium was extended to cover European and domestic cooperation two years later.
  • However, it would mean starting from scratch, eight years already into the consortium's program.
  • The Crown Estate did not make the list public and most of the consortia also remained silent.
  • Most power sources in the developed world are generated in industrial scale plants developed by private or public consortia.
  • They beat off strong competition from two other consortia to win the 12-year contract.
  • Consortia can grow into something that covers much larger ground than a simple inter-library loan agreement.
  • Liberal arts colleges are also often associated with larger bodies or consortia.
  • The consortium has announced its intentions to take the company private.
  • Each of the consortia are responsible for school improvement services throughout their respective local authorities and schools.
  • Some consortia had already expressed an interest in operating independent news provision in one of the pilot areas.
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  • noun An association of companies for some definite purpose