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  • Following that lack of success, a period of consolidation was forced upon them.
  • Upon consolidation, a fixed interest rate is set based on the then-current interest rate.
  • These differences show the influence of the physical conditions under which consolidation takes place.
  • Some government services remained -- as they had been before consolidation - independent of both city and county authority.
  • A line was selected for consolidation and ten machine-guns were sent forward.
  • At the same time, some in the area see the need for more consolidation in government services.
  • He soon continued with the consolidation and expansion of his company, which he still owned.
  • The importance of such consolidations for the future of Germany has been large. Cited from The History Of Education, By Ellwood P. Cubberley
  • Their condition would be improved and the public better served by a system of consolidations. Cited from Complete State of the Union Addresses
  • There was a large amount of consolidation of lines following initial construction.
  • Much consolidation occurred in the financial services industry since, but not at the scale some had expected.
  • Every consolidation bill proposed by the Law Commission has been passed by Parliament.
  • The railway also contributed to the political and economic consolidation of the central area of the city.
  • With growth, has come considerable competition and some amount of consolidation.
  • Unlike most railroad consolidations, only the designated lines were to be taken over.
  • There has been a consolidation of the National School network into a small number of larger facilities.
  • Hall High School has no known consolidations in the recent past.
  • Over the following centuries this process of political consolidation continued.
  • Either structure can result in the economic and financial consolidation of the two entities.
  • The district expanded through a series of consolidations with smaller schools.
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Meaning of consolidation

  • noun Combining into a solid mass
  • noun The act of combining into an integral whole
    a consolidation of two corporations, after their consolidation the two bills were passed unanimously, the defendants asked for a consolidation of the actions against them
  • noun Something that has consolidated into a compact mass
    he dropped the consolidation into the acid bath