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  • The city's police department is consolidated into a large central police station.
  • He was also consolidating the majority of significant left-wing groups around his person.
  • Three years later, he bought the company and consolidated it with his own.
  • This county seat is home to the consolidated middle and high schools.
  • He began consolidating his power with a well thought out administrative system.
  • The lines are named by the first company to build or consolidate them.
  • Some believe these projects were a way for him to consolidate economic and military control of his country.
  • But, the French did not want to give him time to consolidate his position.
  • In a consolidated city-county, as in an independent city, there is one single local government.
  • Henry II spent the next several years consolidating his political power within his borders.
  • "Having one man in charge of the situation would consolidate all decision making."
  • So it is shown that consolidated media did not play a significant role in this incident.
  • Henry II spent the next several years consolidating his political power on his borders.
  • The major act was the movement to consolidate the county's rural schools.
  • The new company will office a large part of its employees as it consolidates its operations.
  • Fifty years later the park was consolidated as a natural area.
  • Hammer consolidated their success by turning their most successful horror films into series.
  • Its products are meant to consolidate data from different sources and make the data available for analysis.
  • The federal government would continue to consolidate its oil involvement throughout the next several decades.
  • He consolidated many parts of northern India into a kingdom.
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Meaning of consolidate

  • verb Unite into one
    The companies consolidated
  • verb Make firm or secure; strengthen
    consolidate one's gains, consolidate one's hold on first place
  • verb Bring together into a single whole or system
    The town and county schools are being consolidated
  • verb Form into a solid mass or whole
    The mud had consolidated overnight
  • verb Make or form into a solid or hardened mass
    consolidate fibers into boards