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  • The lake consists of a long list of well established introduced species.
  • A game round consists of as many hands as there are players.
  • The campus consists of of office and data center space on of land.
  • Each stage consists of steps the child must master before moving to the next step.
  • Memory is often thought of consisting of both a long-term and short-term store.
  • The Authority consisted of nine members in office for a term of six years.
  • The town had old and new parts, each consisting of little more than a single street.
  • It consists of three branches, the army, the air force and the navy.
  • The new body consists both of members of the old parliament as well as nominated members.
  • A "state committee" consists of the president of Parliament and four other members.
  • The series consisted of five games, each of which followed directly upon the events of the last.
  • The album consisted of new songs alongside singles from her four studio albums.
  • The executive branch consists of the Governor, their staff, and other elected officials.
  • The international student programs consist of degree programs and non-degree programs.
  • The Council consists of representatives of citizens elected by direct and free elections.
  • Australia contains five cities that consist of over one million people.
  • The channel has a line-up consisting of television series, sports and movies.
  • Their other sources of food consisted of wild game and the roots of wild plants.
  • A new pair is formed consisting of the smaller number and the difference between the numbers.
  • The festival consists of two days of events.
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Synonyms of consist

Meaning of consist

  • verb Have its essential character; be comprised or contained in; be embodied in
    The payment consists in food, What does love consist in?
  • verb Be consistent in form, tenor, or character; be congruous
    Desires are to be satisfied only so far as consists with an approved end
  • verb Be composed of
    The land he conquered comprised several provinces, What does this dish consist of?