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  • Taking into consideration the written sources, however, the dinner could also be served in the houses.
  • Developers take into consideration whether all the online community members are good at using technology.
  • The public of the areas was not taken into consideration.
  • A further two Russian units are under consideration for the site.
  • This process of consideration can vary greatly in the amount of time taken.
  • The firm gives no consideration to what effect its decision may have on competitors.
  • The choice of writing system is often based on politics rather than practical considerations.
  • The population question is a complex issue, as can be seen by the above considerations.
  • It will be found in considerations of a political or social nature.
  • While these systems will often also protect the structure from major fire damage, this is a secondary consideration.
  • A decade later both population growth and greater demand for university places led to new considerations.
  • All personal and business aspects should be taken into consideration.
  • Later consideration of his work suggested only three subspecies should be recognized.
  • The new constitution does not take into consideration party activity whereas freedom of association is protected.
  • After some consideration, it was decided that the United States might be able to provide the training.
  • Once introduced the bill goes through several stages of consideration.
  • The quantity, quality and role of the people added to the project also must be taken into consideration.
  • Note that many of the above changes are still under active consideration and are not definite.
  • This trade-off is a consideration for the critical image editor.
  • Increased engine performance is a consideration, but also other features associated with luxury vehicles.
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Meaning of consideration

  • noun The process of giving careful thought to something
  • noun A discussion of a topic (as in a meeting)
    consideration of the traffic problem took more than an hour
  • noun Kind and considerate regard for others
    he showed no consideration for her feelings
  • noun A considerate and thoughtful act