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  • The change you desire you work for conservatively, if at all. Cited from The Business of Being a Woman, by Ida M. Tarbell
  • The conservatively dressed gentleman beside him wanted to know how long he expected to keep the show running. Cited from Crossroads of Destiny, by Henry Beam Piper
  • He noted the members gave half their income to the commune and generally dressed conservatively.
  • Most pre-school age children outgrow it if the condition is managed conservatively.
  • Cut paper stop motion animation is conservatively used: the non-speaking figures do not move.
  • However, religious changes in the English national church proceeded more conservatively than elsewhere in Europe.
  • Both teams played very conservatively in the first half, as the teams punted back and forth.
  • Moreover, courts should interpret these rights conservatively since they are a political matter.
  • And then we talked somewhat more conservatively of Conservation, about which he knows less. Cited from The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page, Volume I, by Burton J. Hendrick
  • It involves playing conservatively for a long-term advantage that the computer is unable to find in its game tree search.
  • Ryan filled her up again, though this time more conservatively. Cited from Captivating Mary Carstairs, Henry Sydnor Harrison
  • I saw many of the latter make fair results when treated conservatively, even though the condition seemed almost hopeless at first sight. Cited from Surgical Experiences in South Africa, 1899-1900, by George Henry Makins
  • For the vast majority of people, neck pain can be treated conservatively.
  • This standard engine could achieve up to when driven conservatively.
  • During her final season on Doctor Who, the actress was allowed to dress more conservatively on the show.
  • Manly on the other hand, began to play conservatively to their own ultimate cost.
  • While women seem to control their men's honor, gender roles are only very conservatively challenged.
  • However, they noted that when driven very conservatively, the EPA numbers could be achieved.
  • In the early years of their career, the group wore relatively no makeup and dressed more conservatively.
  • Initially though, growth in the number of new IBCs being established during the 1990s began quite conservatively.
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Meaning of conservatively

  • adverb In a conservative manner
    we estimated the number of demonstrators conservatively at 200,000.