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  • Six players won the tournament more than once, four of them consecutively.
  • The competition was played over three match days, with three matches played consecutively on each day.
  • The competition was played over three match days, with two matches played consecutively on each day.
  • The governor is elected to a four-year term and may serve no more than two terms consecutively.
  • The eight years was to have been served consecutively with the two other five-year prison terms.
  • The cup was won by seven different clubs but it was never won consecutively.
  • When both players pass consecutively, the game ends and is then scored.
  • They are also the only teams to have won the competition consecutively.
  • Each sport tournament is generally scheduled two years consecutively followed by a one year break.
  • That award had never before been awarded three years consecutively to any display pilot or team.
  • They run consecutively, and are the only two tracks to be included from the same performance.
  • No person may hold the office more than twice consecutively.
  • Players who beat five opponents consecutively could take a rest and re-enter the tournament again later.
  • The street numbers run consecutively from north-side east to west and then continue on the south-side west to east.
  • He won the National title consecutively for the next seven years.
  • Following this the side won six games consecutively, the first time the franchise had ever done so.
  • The team remained inconsistent throughout the whole season, winning their next four matches consecutively.
  • He had six children, five boys consecutively, with John being the third, and a daughter.
  • The three are normally played consecutively, in three-, five- or seven-point matches.
  • He set all the others consecutively to the following places.
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Meaning of consecutively

  • adverb In a consecutive manner
    he was consecutively ill, then well, then ill again