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  • Since the regular army was conscription based, it made the war even less popular.
  • These people were subject to conscription like other German citizens at the time.
  • This was to provide a fixed work force, but also aid military conscription.
  • The party wants the conscription to military services to also include women.
  • Conscription was seen more or less as an act community service.
  • He hoped also to get conscription brought in, but this came to nothing.
  • They were composed of men who had served in the Army in the same conscription class.
  • The war ended after two months and his conscription ended.
  • However, just about every influential public man in Australia otherwise supported the conscription campaign.
  • Military schools for officer training were limited to three, one school per arm and conscription was abolished.
  • It formed part of the larger debate on conscription in Australia throughout the war.
  • Six weeks after his initial conscription, he was discharged due to vision problems.
  • The laws and systems which provide for the conscription of armed forces personnel still remain in place.
  • Many were prosecuted under this act, including those in the no conscription league.
  • Nevertheless, it served as the basis for the conscription programs that would continue to the present.
  • It is no place for those want to evade conscription in their own country.
  • The conscription issue deeply divided Australia with large meetings held both for and against.
  • Many of its early members were imprisoned for their opposition to conscription.
  • Conscription dates back to antiquity and continues in some countries to the present day under various names.
  • Young people must still, however, register for possible conscription (should the situation call for it).
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Meaning of conscription

  • noun Compulsory military service