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  • Coniferous trees line either side of the road's right-of-way.
  • To the north of the village is a large wood of coniferous trees.
  • Mountains account for one third of the state's surface area which include large coniferous forests.
  • There are many different species of trees, many coniferous, that grow in the mountains.
  • All three species store food and live year-round on permanent territories in coniferous forests.
  • Both mark the passage of primitive coniferous trees to their modern day versions.
  • A large part of the island is natural-state coniferous forest, with some herb-rich parts.
  • The smaller one, is located within the coniferous trees near the northern tip on the beach.
  • All of its slopes except for those on the southern side are covered with coniferous or mixed forest.
  • In North America, the species is more commonly associated with northern coniferous forests.
  • In the more moist areas, some closed coniferous forest stands may appear.
  • Very rarely, they can also be found in light coniferous forests.
  • They are usually found in coniferous forests, but also in association with oak.
  • The forest covers from above sea level and is made up of both deciduous and coniferous tree species.
  • The park is home to a wide variety of trees both coniferous and deciduous.
  • It is usually found in cool, open coniferous forests, mostly in the mountains.
  • It is also an important timber tree throughout the region, along with many of its large coniferous associates.
  • The oldest piece of evidence relating to it is a box made of coniferous wood.
  • Coniferous and mixed woods rise above the village on Little Mountain.
  • Pine and other coniferous trees may be preferred where available since they are particularly dense and provide cover throughout the year.
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