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  • It was said that there were two or three congressmen in the crowd. Cited from Personal Experiences of S. O. Susag, by Susag
  • They would not return again, unless their Congressmen reappointed them for another try. Cited from Dave Darrin's First Year at Annapolis, by H. Irving Hancock
  • There are Congressmen elected year after year who never think of dissipating their energy on public affairs. Cited from Public Opinion, by Walter Lippmann
  • Out of thirty Pennsylvania congressmen, he tied for second place among those supporting economy in government.
  • Much more so than either of the Republican congressmen who represented Albuquerque before her.
  • Several of the six new congressmen would go on to long and powerful careers in Washington.
  • Thus anti-slavery Congressmen feared that the new territory might eventually become a slave state.
  • Only a few Congressmen raised any question about it. Cited from The Invisible Government, by Dan Smoot
  • They own the President of this country, and they own many of the congressmen, having bought and paid for them. Cited from Brann The Iconoclast, William Cowper Brann
  • Should he continue to be chosen by a combination of Congressmen, or should the people take matters into their own hands? Cited from The Reign of Andrew Jackson, by Frederic Austin Ogg
  • Two former congressmen are still among those buried at Sharp.
  • He remains so to this day, and he has a pro-life voting record as a Congressman.
  • Reali asked both of them who on the panel would make a good congressman.
  • He presented himself before the Congressmen to claim the amount he believed was his, but was paid back only parts of it.
  • Some critics and Congressmen at the time believed that America was giving too much aid to Europe.
  • She believed that their participation would turn southern congressmen against the drive for suffrage rather than help with the situation.
  • They also decided to only vote for congressmen who were in favor of such a prohibition.
  • So ran the Congressman's announcement in the daily press of the district. Cited from The High School Captain of the Team, by H. Irving Hancock
  • Three congressmen from each party were scheduled to attend, but did not.
  • With few exceptions, the northern congressmen who had voted with the south failed of re-election. Cited from Rise of the New West, 1819-1829, by F.J. Turner
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  • noun A member of the united states house of representatives