Congressman William

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  • Congressman William Lehman and Dr. Ommaya became friends when he cared for his daughter.
  • Congressman William Kent, who owned the land on the mountain where the amphitheater stood, was one of its vice presidents.
  • Congressman William La Follette was his son-in-law.
  • Byrne and fellow congressman William J. Green, III were put together by redistricting.
  • When Congressman William A. Jones died, Bland received the convention's nomination as his successor.
  • Day remarried later to former California congressman William Dannemeyer.
  • The bill was named for Congressman William Hatch, who chaired the House Committee of Agriculture at the time the bill was introduced.
  • He read law in St. Clairsville, Ohio, under the guidance of judge and former Congressman William Kennon.
  • The initial proposal for the base came from Congressman William Kettner, who also proposed construction of Naval Training Center San Diego.
  • He studied law in the Chelsea office of former Congressman William Hebard and was admitted to the bar in 1856.
  • In early 1928, Republican Congressman William R. Green resigned his congressional seat in the ninth district when he was appointed as a federal judge.
  • By 1915, regular meetings were occurring in Washington at the home of Congressman William Kent of California.
  • It served in a variety of assignments and campaigns, seeing action initially under its first colonel, future U.S. Congressman William L. Stoughton.
  • In 1968, he narrowly defeated on-again, off-again Congressman William Henry Harrison in the Republican primary before winning a decisive general election victory.
  • While he was away from his law practice on congressional business, the firm's business was handled by his law partners, one of whom was future Congressman William N. Sweeney.
  • He campaigned for Democrats President Wilson, and Congressman William Kettner, and was chairman of the latter campaign.
  • However, Republican Congressman William Peters Hepburn proposed legislation which, though its primary purpose was increased railroad regulation, would expand the Commission by two members.
  • Former Congressman William Springer acted as the tribal attorney.
  • Nebraska congressman William Jennings Bryan now took the stage as the great opponent of the Bourbon Democrats.
  • Despite the intervention of Congressman William Lorimer, all 260 employees went on strike on May 9.
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