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  • Page has followed Congressman Ron Paul since late 2007 and started writing songs about the views of the congressman shortly afterwards.
  • This is a bibliography of books and other works written by U.S. Congressman Ron Paul.
  • Congressman Ron Paul was the lead plaintiff, making their case, Paul v. FEC.
  • Kapanke then lost the general election to incumbent Congressman Ron Kind.
  • During the trial, Congressman Ron Paul testified on his behalf.
  • Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul is one of the most well-noted Republicans with a libertarian-leaning philosophy.
  • The Bill was freshman congressman Ron DeSantis' first bill introduced in Congress.
  • He is considered to be a conservative Democrat and even supported libertarian Republican Congressman Ron Paul in his presidential campaign.
  • During this time, he donated to the campaigns of Congressman Ron Paul and John McCain.
  • Congressman Ron Paul criticised the reaction of the U.S. Government "on events thousands of miles away about which we know very little."
  • His media outlets have consistently supported candidate and congressman Ron Paul who has consistently maintained a moderate view towards Iran and Muslim nations.
  • The measure was also advocated by Congressman Ron Kind of Wisconsin's 3rd congressional district.
  • The advertisement thanks numerous politicians, including former president Bill Clinton and congressman Ron Paul, for their efforts to combat the war on drugs.
  • U.S. Congressman Ron Wyden considered challenging Hatfield, but in the end decided against it.
  • In effect, this meant that Franks and 8th District congressman Ron Barber switched district numbers.
  • He served as research assistant for libertarian Republican Congressman Ron Paul in Paul's first term (1976).
  • The only Republican candidates that were still in the race were Senator John McCain and Congressman Ron Paul.
  • Piper has been a defender and supporter of Congressman Ron Paul.
  • O'Donnell also drew criticism during an interview with Congressman Ron Paul, when Paul accused him of breaking an agreement not to ask him about other political candidates.
  • Congressman Ron Dellums is revered on both sides of this aisle because of his integrity and his commitment to progressive ideas.
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