Congressman John

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  • Congressman John Boehner led a campaign pushing companies to leave the Chamber over its support of the bill.
  • Incumbent Democratic Congressman John Carney is running for re-election to a third term in office.
  • In the same year he successfully managed Congressman John Olver's first re-election bid in Massachusetts.
  • The lake, and thus the park, are named for Congressman John H. Kerr, who supported the original lake project.
  • Ball drew some attention by raising more money than incumbent Congressman John Hall in the second quarter of 2009.
  • Other prominent church members from the area also attended the groundbreaking and site dedication, including Congressman John Doolittle.
  • An active member of the Democratic Party, he was often involved with his close friend, Congressman John W. Boehne.
  • His opponent during the Republican primary was fellow congressman John Bertrand Conlan.
  • The lake is named for Congressman John H. Kerr of North Carolina, who supported the original creation of the lake.
  • Congressman John R. Lynch later wrote that ratification of those two amendments made Reconstruction a success.
  • He was the father of congressman John J. Roane.
  • The county was founded in 1870 and is named for Congressman John Preston Martin.
  • Rowley won the candidacy, but lost the general election to two-term incumbent Republican congressman John Kline.
  • Among its early recruits was future United States Congressman John L. Vance, who would rise to the rank of lieutenant colonel.
  • Lew Wallace's maternal grandfather was circuit court judge and Congressman John Test.
  • Virginia Congressman John Randolph of Roanoke took up the challenge and took charge of the impeachment.
  • New York Congressman John LeBoutillier, who served one term in the early 1980s, became interested in politics due to POW matters.
  • He was the son of congressman John Roane.
  • Congressman John Salazar, Secretary Salazar's brother, told local media that he thought his brother would likely seek the governor's mansion.
  • Incumbent Democratic Congressman John Spratt has represented this conservative-leaning district for thirty-two years and ran for a twelfth term this year.
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