Congressman James

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  • Congressman James Ford had this house built for his son.
  • He is, however, third cousin twice removed of Congressman James A. Lockhart.
  • This was also the residence of former congressman James T. Rapier.
  • It was named after Congressman James S. Sherman, who helped establish funding for the school in 1900.
  • On February 15, 1958, Congressman James announced he would not be a candidate for a sixth term.
  • Democratic Congressman James Langevin has represented this liberal district based in southern and western Rhode Island since he was first elected in 2000.
  • During the 1950s, he aided U.S. Congressman James Devereux in four successive winning election bids.
  • He was the son of engineer, surveyor and Congressman James Geddes.
  • Gallatin's mother was the daughter of Missouri congressman James Butler Bowlin.
  • The act was introduced by congressman James S. Rollins from Boone County and named after its author, Henry Geyer.
  • Condit's most notable vote in his last months in office was the resolution to expel Congressman James Traficant after his conviction on corruption charges.
  • He ran for a fifth term in 1982, but was challenged in the Democratic primary by Congressman James David Santini.
  • Congressman James Madison of Virginia offered his own variation of "discrimination" which preserved the federal obligation of face value debt repayment.
  • Oregon Democratic Congressman James H. Weaver continued to investigate because he believed that the officials' conclusion did not adequately explain the facts.
  • On October 24, at a speech to four hundred party workers at the Essington Republican Club, Congressman James defended the military draft.
  • He was an advisor to his close friend, Congressman James Garfield, on tariff matters, and later to Grover Cleveland.
  • An immediate investigation into the events of the overthrow was commissioned by President Cleveland was conducted by former Congressman James Henderson Blount.
  • Robert Breckinridge had two children by a previous marriage, and it was through one of these half-brothers that John Breckinridge was uncle to future Congressman James D. Breckinridge.
  • In February 2010, Sullivan announced his intention to not seek reelection in the office of Congressman James Langevin.
  • Marshall's opponent in the general election was Republican Congressman James E. Watson, and the campaign focused on temperance and prohibition.
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