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  • This marked the first new congressionally authorized public lands system in decades.
  • The school was selected for closure during the period of the congressionally authorized financial control board.
  • It is funded by money that has been diverted out of congressionally funded programs.
  • However, congressionally-imposed commissioned officer strength levels prevented pilot expansion.
  • A Congressionally funded engineering study was conducted to determine the most available mode of supplying water to the city.
  • Washington led a city that was torn by racial divisions, both locally and congressionally.
  • The rugged Sierra crest would have made construction very difficult and today two congressionally designated wilderness areas block the way.
  • The president's ability to reject congressionally approved spending thus became severely inhibited.
  • Just three captives faced charges before the new, Congressionally authorized military commissions.
  • She recently completed service as co-vice chair of a congressionally requested Institute of Medicine study on racial disparities in health care.
  • The Library is a congressionally designated depository for United States government documents.
  • OPIC projects must meet congressionally mandated requirements regarding protection of the environment, social impacts, health, and safety.
  • There are three congressionally designated Wilderness areas located within Socorro County.
  • Executive branch agencies enter into the contracts and expend the funds to achieve their Congressionally defined missions.
  • Congress is a principal consumer of STEP work, and the Board has conducted or is conducting three congressionally mandated projects.
  • General DeWitt was responsible for all logistics involving this Congressionally approved event.
  • The effort was congressionally supported as part of the ATF's Project Outreach.
  • Though the Academy's funding comes primarily from studies that are Congressionally requested or mandated, it is not considered a government agency.
  • Civil Air Patrol has three congressionally mandated missions: emergency services, aerospace education and cadet programs.
  • In 1870, the Signal Corps established a congressionally mandated national weather service.
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