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  • Info A congress is a formal meeting of the representatives of different nations, constituent states, independent organizations (such as trade unions), or groups.
  • Congress had not yet decided whether the members of the body would be elected or appointed.
  • The president is elected for a four-year term by Congress.
  • A copy was made for each state and one was kept by the Congress.
  • This election was also important because new parties won several seats in Congress, more than ever.
  • Both measures were done without public debate or any specific authority from Congress.
  • Within a few years, it found similar use at nine further medical congresses.
  • He was re-elected two years later, to the Forty-fourth Congress.
  • He was elected to the Sixty-fifth Congress and served until his death.
  • Texas thus became its own independent country with its own president, congress, and monetary system.
  • It has been suggested that members of Congress are not officers of the United States.
  • He remained however but a short time in the Thirty-seventh Congress. Cited from Twenty Years of Congress, Vol. 1 (of 2), by James Gillespie Blaine
  • Hanson retired from public office after his one-year term as president of Congress.
  • Lincoln was supported by Congress and the northern public for these actions.
  • After an absence of two years I was returned to the forty-sixth Congress. Cited from Something of Men I Have Known, by Adlai E. Stevenson
  • The board sent that letter on to Congress.
  • He also participated in the party congresses and helped develop party program in health care.
  • The congress saw this as abuse of power and ordered his capture.
  • Three important study congresses and up to forty books were published on this occasion.
  • After winning the general election, he served in the Forty-seventh Congress.
  • The Central Committee was a collective body elected at the annual party congress.
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Meaning of Congress

  • noun The legislature of the united states government
  • noun A meeting of elected or appointed representatives
  • noun A national legislative assembly