conglomerate founded

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  • She is the representative of, a large conglomerate founded by the Sumeragi House.
  • Vickers is a British engineering conglomerate founded in 1828.
  • He is the managing director of Yinka Folawiyo Group, a conglomerate founded by his father, Wahab Folawiyo.
  • Mama's Boys Music is a management company, record label, and multi-media entertainment conglomerate founded and run by Jerome Hipps and Michael McArthur.
  • Aster DM Healthcare is privately held health care providing conglomerate founded in 1987 by Azad Moopen.
  • Newman Enterprises was a worldwide conglomerate founded in 1980 by Victor Newman, following his departure from Chancellor Industries.
  • James Cox Kennedy is an American media executive and is the chairman of Cox Enterprises, the media conglomerate founded by his grandfather, James M. Cox.
  • From 1945, he was a director of Mander Brothers, the family paint, property and inks conglomerate founded in Wolverhampton in 1773.
  • The Carrian Group was a Hong Kong conglomerate founded by George Tan, a Singaporean civil engineer working in Hong Kong as a project manager for a land development company.
  • In 1995 it was acquired by the Econ group of companies, a Greek conglomerate founded in 1950 and specializing in high-tech products such as electronics, optics, sensors and defence equipment.
  • Jean Yip Group is a Singaporean multinational branded conglomerate founded by entrepreneur Jean Yip and her husband, Mr Mervin Wee.
  • Heller, a 1978 Boston University graduate, was heir to the capital of the Foreston Group, a family-owned conglomerate founded in 1906 that was the largest independent coal mining and distribution operation in the US, then valued at $150 million.
  • The Rembrandt Group is a South African tobacco and industrial conglomerate founded by Afrikaner tycoon Dr Anton Rupert who oversaw its eventual transition to the industrial and luxury branded goods sectors.
  • Mid Bio Informatics, abbreviated as, is a powerful conglomerate founded by Hiroto Minaka, with their headquarters based in, It is hinted that they are the de facto antagonists of the series given Minaka's plan for the Sekireis to fight each other for their survival.
  • During the height of the Latin music explosion in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Plasencia began working at Estefan Enterprises, the entertainment and hospitality conglomerate founded by superstar Gloria Estefan and her husband/producer Emilio Estefan.
  • From 1999 to 2001 Marletta worked as an executive director and producer for the platform IndiePlanet at Urban Box Office Network (UBO) an online marketing and distributor conglomerate founded by George Jackson and Adam Kidron in New York City.
  • In 1972 Bakrie joined PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk known today as the Bakrie Group, the conglomerate founded by his late father Achmad Bakrie, which prospered much like the rest of the Indonesian economy during the Soeharto presidency.