conglomerate called

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  • The only material which the first builders of Rome found at hand was the volcanic conglomerate called tufa. Cited from Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 7, by Various
  • The newer series are made up of sands and a conglomerate called "sansino." Cited from The Student's Elements of Geology, Charles Lyell
  • At the headwaters of the tributary Spring Creek, there is a rock formation of light gray conglomerate called Prospect Rock.
  • He has notably become one of the richest men in the country during his father's time in office, leading a group known as "the family" and a conglomerate called Management Assets Company.
  • He left school at age 14 to start a computer business, and later become the director of operations for a Winnipeg-based mini-conglomerate called The Kitching Group.
  • The counting machine operation was made part of a new conglomerate called the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR).
  • He worked with Steel Age Industries for two years in the Minimax division, which was into fire protection -- it is now a part of a global conglomerate called Bunevo.
  • The newspaper became the cornerstone for a conglomerate called Grupo Folha.
  • Years later, Masazuka becomes an assassin under contract with an American conglomerate called Temple Industries, which itself runs an underground criminal cult known as "The Ring".
  • In the mid-1990s, Majorette Toys purchased the Portuguese Novacars factory and formed a conglomerate called Ideal Loisirs.
  • He bought the Ashio copper mine from the Japanese government in 1877, which he later organized, with his other holdings, into an industrial conglomerate called the Furukawa zaibatsu, one of the most important in Japan.
  • This was in effect until 2007, when the Canadian mining company Medoro Resources merged with a Colombian company to form the conglomerate called "Gran Colombia Gold".
  • This was in effect until 2007, when the Canadian mining company Medoro Resources merged with a Colombian mining company to form a conglomerate called "Gran Colombia Gold".
  • A Ugandan conglomerate called the Madhvani Group has also entered into a preliminary agreement with the government of South Soudan to revitalize a government-owned sugar plantation and processing facility in Mangala Payam.
  • Cliff later sold Barnes-Wentworth to Jeremy Wendell, but in the continuation, the company was still owned by Cliff, who diversified the company and it became a multi-billion dollar conglomerate called Barnes Global.
  • The basalts are overlain by a black siltstone to conglomerate called the Turners Falls Sandstone and Mt. Toby Conglomerate.
  • The early Late Triassic conglomerate called the Shinarump Conglomerate, formally the Shinarump Member of the Chinle Formation, is a highly resistant course-grained sandstone and pebble conglomerate, sometimes forming a caprock because of its hardness, cementation, and erosion resistance.