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  • Many of the world's largest media conglomerates are also based in the city.
  • The conglomerate was subsequently broken up and all manufacturing related operations sold off.
  • He later built a large media and defense conglomerate that bears his name.
  • Media conglomerates influence public opinion and may try to control influence over the public sphere.
  • The eastern end of the village was a conglomerate of economic and administrative buildings.
  • Some stations share news collection with TV or newspapers in the same media conglomerate.
  • As the conglomerate grew, he often said that he did not sell media properties, he bought them.
  • By the mid 1990s conglomerates were no longer popular with the investment community.
  • Since like conglomerates, they have numerous space points, they are described as astikaya.
  • Most news sources are owned by a few media conglomerates.
  • The conglomerate diversification has very little relationship with the firm's current business.
  • It was also one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Europe in the 20th century.
  • It is now part of one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Poland.
  • The first two conglomerates have a very strong mark in the country, and particularly in Mexico City.
  • There were also changes in the music industry, as record companies disappeared and merged into large media conglomerates.
  • A similar approach has been taken in Canada, where most media outlets are owned by national conglomerates.
  • It has grown to become one of the world's top ten multinational conglomerates.
  • The franchises are named after the companies or business conglomerates which own them.
  • The lumber conglomerate also provided land for construction of a school and churches.
  • The most important point of the newspaper is that it is not owned by any parent company or conglomerate.
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Meaning of conglomerate

  • noun A group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization