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  • School time can be confusing with children passing each other going to different schools.
  • Since she never knew real parents or friends, things quickly become very confusing for her.
  • As several stories make reference to past events, this order can become confusing.
  • The player's son's career cannot be changed now without confusing him.
  • She believed the site to be confusing and began by building a new executive team.
  • Many find these terms confusing, as they seem to mean the opposite of the intended meaning.
  • The islands themselves are known by a rather confusing variety of names.
  • Smith points out that the way the kings are speaking is just confusing.
  • It would get very confusing when people would ask my religion as a kid.
  • The term "cover charge" is used in other cases, and can be confusing.
  • The term was originally used in the United States and has a somewhat confusing history.
  • Cards removed were generally thought to either be confusing, or to have power level issues.
  • However these different names can be confusing and are perhaps best avoided.
  • Several of these changes have been confusing to visitors of the area.
  • They cited that circle is still confusing, but no major changes have occurred since.
  • To make matters more confusing the word rugby continued to be applied to Canadian football.
  • This, however, can be confusing since cut-through routing does the same thing.
  • In a confusing episode, there was no battle, as neither one attacked.
  • This is to avoid confusing them with the aircraft engines they are based on.
  • Note that Spring's use of the term file system is somewhat confusing.
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Root form of confusing is confuse for the verb.

Words starting with confusing

Meaning of confusing

  • verb Mistake one thing for another
    you are confusing me with the other candidate, I mistook her for the secretary
  • verb Be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly
    These questions confuse even the experts, This question completely threw me, This question befuddled even the teacher
  • verb Cause to feel embarrassment
    The constant attention of the young man confused her
  • verb Make unclear, indistinct, or blurred
    Her remarks confused the debate, Their words obnubilate their intentions