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  • He is not to be confused with another god of the same name.
  • Information science should not be confused with information theory or library science.
  • Also, the general term less-developed country should not be confused with the specific least developed country.
  • Perfect information is often confused with complete information, which is a similar concept.
  • Yet she felt confused about her role as a woman.
  • This theme of confused or failed communication between people appears frequently in his art.
  • He was confused about his future and about his place in the world, as I am.
  • It should not be confused with legal system of civil law.
  • The Catholic view should not be confused with the two-source theory.
  • The name has been used for a county name which somewhat confuses the issue.
  • This method is sometimes called a quick release, not to be confused with the cold water release.
  • Eventually, they go back to city life which confuses them due to their previous experiences.
  • Consumers ended up confused because they did not understand the difference between models.
  • This confuses Henry, who is told his father died three months earlier.
  • The water table should not be confused with the water level in a deeper well.
  • Care should be taken not to confuse a personal network with a Personal area network.
  • Because he had the same name as his father, some well-known reference sources confuse the two.
  • The production crew was confused, but she received the part.
  • Knowledge of the events preceding his death is confused because there are two different accounts.
  • The general ticket is quite similar to the current system and is often confused with it.
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Meaning of confuse

  • verb Mistake one thing for another
    you are confusing me with the other candidate, I mistook her for the secretary
  • verb Be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly
    These questions confuse even the experts, This question completely threw me, This question befuddled even the teacher
  • verb Cause to feel embarrassment
    The constant attention of the young man confused her
  • verb Make unclear, indistinct, or blurred
    Her remarks confused the debate, Their words obnubilate their intentions