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  • However, it can provide information about conformational changes of a protein in solution.
  • Conformational analysis for the twist form is similar thus leading to the two forms being very close in energy.
  • The equilibrium can favor either direction depending on ring size and other conformational effects.
  • Therefore, the ground state conformational distribution does not reflect the product distribution.
  • During the formation of rings A through D, there is very little conformational change.
  • It was found that these conformational changes may have a very important physiological significance.
  • The energy required for conformational changes may give a more precise and quantitative picture.
  • The active site is buried and requires a conformational change to allow the substrate access.
  • In the sequential model there are many different global conformational/energy states.
  • Thus, conformational states can "spread" around the entire complex.
  • In proteins, conformational change is often associated with activity, or activity towards specific targets.
  • The native state of a protein is the conformational free energy minimum for the chain.
  • Dramatic conformational changes related to the protein's function or environment can also alter local secondary structure.
  • However, scoring all possible conformational changes is prohibitively expensive in computer time.
  • Thus, this allows the active site to have a "closed" conformation rather than a large conformational change.
  • It provides high resolution of the structure but it does not give information about protein's conformational flexibility.
  • Using this new technique of conformational analysis, he later determined the geometry of many other natural product molecules.
  • These conformational changes could also lead to pore opening.
  • The local elevation method can be applied to free energy calculations as well as to conformational searching problems.
  • Usually they induce a conformational change within the protein structure.
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