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  • In the same year, the country confirmed the election of its own king.
  • They will be replaced by permanent names as the elements are confirmed by independent work.
  • This event confirmed him as an influential figure on the national political scene.
  • The election results were confirmed by the official electoral commission the following day.
  • They confirmed that they were working on a new version, but that it was not yet ready for release.
  • He was confirmed in the permanent rank of lieutenant-general in mid October.
  • This confirmed the existence of such massive stars using a different method.
  • No physical evidence has ever been produced confirming that the car actually existed.
  • He refused to go, and his death sentence was confirmed and extended to his sons.
  • Each state has a specific process and it is important to confirm the most recent version.
  • If this happened or why has never been confirmed by anyone involved in the game's development.
  • The Institute more and more confirms itself as higher school of university type.
  • His work was never confirmed, however, and he later withdrew his claim of discovery.
  • No formal investigation was conducted, so the matter was neither confirmed nor denied.
  • When they return the team confirms its location and plot a course to the end point.
  • However, it is not confirmed whether this was true.
  • In the physical sciences most results are fully accepted only when independently confirmed.
  • There he was able to confirm the boat had been broken apart and the man killed.
  • The headquarters of the military districts and their areas of responsibility are confirmed.
  • This confirms that a single form cannot be at multiple places at the same time.
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Meaning of confirm

  • verb Establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts
    his story confirmed my doubts, The evidence supports the defendant
  • verb Strengthen or make more firm
    The witnesses confirmed the victim's account
  • verb Make more firm
    Confirm thy soul in self-control!
  • verb Support a person for a position
    The Senate confirmed the President's candidate for Secretary of Defense
  • verb Administer the rite of confirmation to
    the children were confirmed in their mother's faith