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  • Info Confine is a village (curazia) located in San Marino. more...
  • But she had already become confined to her room if not to her bed.
  • He would therefore confine himself to the common sense view of the question. Cited from Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 1, Complete, ed. by Sir Mark Lemon
  • Most of his late life was confined to his reading room.
  • She never attended the academy and was never confined within a tradition.
  • However, use of such language is not confined to religious groups.
  • Let us confine our attention to the L in the top left-hand corner. Cited from Amusements in Mathematics, by Henry Ernest Dudeney
  • This led to him confining himself to his room for six years.
  • In the first volume he did almost confine himself to matters of fact. Cited from Lavengro: the Scholar - the Gypsy - the Priest, by George Borrow
  • But he does not confine himself to big grounds and big matches only.
  • Many of the species are confined to single islands or countries.
  • I would wind up that love-story, and confine myself to the subject of foreign travel. Cited from The House of Martha, by Frank R. Stockton
  • I confine myself to criticism on matters such as he who runs may read. Cited from The Land of Contrasts, by James Fullarton Muirhead
  • Thus she tried to avoid going out as much as possible, usually confining herself to her room.
  • Not all of its units were confined entirely to construction, though.
  • After this, his compositions were not confined to any one form during any particular period.
  • But confining myself to this, let us see what it will show. Cited from The Nature of Goodness, by George Herbert Palmer
  • They are often built in confined spaces over, or close to, running water.
  • His love of books began when, as a child, he developed health problems and was confined to his bed.
  • Soon however, he became seriously ill and was confined to his bed.
  • Combat was confined to the area around and on the islands themselves.
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Meaning of confine

  • verb Prevent from leaving or from being removed
  • verb Deprive of freedom; take into confinement