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  • It would be the last time the guns of the fleet, and Confiance would ever fire.
  • The Confiance was taken possession of and subsequently brought into service under Yeo's command.
  • Today there is nothing that remains of the wreck of the Confiance herself.
  • He had gone to her de confiance, as they put it in Paris; but it was possible he had been precipitate. Cited from The Portrait of a Lady, Vol 2, by Henry James
  • Her last book in French is Qu'est-ce que la confiance?
  • James etait le domestique de confiance de sir John. Cited from Les compagnons de Jehu, by Alexandre Dumas
  • After Downie and several of the other officers had also been killed or injured, Confiance's fire became steadily less effective.
  • Ayez comme nous confiance en la justice et l'immortalite de la France. Cited from La derniere lettre ecrite, by L'Union des Peres et des Meres
  • In this situation, the whole force on both sides became engaged, the Saratoga suffering much, from the heavy fire of the Confiance. Cited from Medallic History of the United States of America 1776-1876, J. F. Loubat
  • Helpless to do further harm to her adversary, Confiance struck her colors.
  • In response, the British laid down the fifth rate frigate HMS Confiance.
  • Confiance surrendered immediately and was taken to Gibraltar by a prize crew as the British force pressed on.
  • To this day Confiance remains the largest warship ever to sail on Lake Champlain.
  • Il a la confiance et la sympathie de l'Assemblee. Cited from Les grands orateurs, by Francois-Alphonse Aulard
  • Le jeune lieutenant se montra digne de la confiance de son chef. Cited from Le Heros de Chateauguay, by Laurent-Olivier David
  • La confiance fait la bravoure et la bravoure fait la force. Cited from Contes d'une grand-mere, by George Sand
  • Helpless, and now being raked by fresh broadsides from the American ship, Confiance could only surrender.
  • J'avoue que j'etais plus pres de la crainte que de la confiance. Cited from Stello, by Alfred De Vigny
  • HMS Confiance was one of several warships built here.
  • D'apres ce motif il conseille de voter de suite et de confiance. Cited from Hist. de la Revolution francaise, Tm. 1, A. Thiers
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