confessor himself

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  • The confessor himself might have passed through many a fit, so much was he changed by the results of this interview. Cited from The Lock and Key Library, Julian Hawthorne, Ed.
  • In the Painted Chamber the Confessor himself died, but it is manifestly impossible to give here any minute account of the chambers in the ancient building. Cited from Westminster, by Besant, Mitton and Smith
  • Nay, fame had even whispered in his ear, that the reverend confessor himself had an intrigue with a certain cook-maid. Cited from Four Early Pamphlets, by William Godwin
  • No one could believe it, not even those men of prayer with whom I conversed; for they thought I was exceedingly pained and sorry: even my confessor himself could hardly believe it. Cited from Life of St. Teresa of Jesus, by Teresa of Avila
  • Thereupon the confessor himself had ascertained from the marquise and the goldsmith Jamnitzer that Barbara had told him the whole truth. Cited from Barbara Blomberg, by Georg Ebers, v7
  • On either side of St. Edward's altar were once golden pillars presented by Edward II.; the golden image of St. John the Evangelist stood upon one, that of the Confessor himself upon the other. Cited from Westminster Abbey, by Mrs. A. Murray Smith
  • After 25 years' experience in the confessional, I declare that the confessor himself encounters more terrible dangers when hearing the confessions of refined and highly-educated ladies, than when listening to those of the humbler classes of his female penitents. Cited from The Priest, The Woman And The Confessional, by Father Chiniquy
  • Of Eadward the Confessor himself we have a contemporary biography (edited by Mr. Luard for the Master of the Rolls) which throws great light on the personal history of the King and on his relations to the house of Godwine. Cited from History of the English People, Volume I (of 8), by John Richard Green