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  • Denny died at the age of about 64 and was buried in Norwich Cathedral near the entrance of the confessionary.
  • In 1634 he published a Nahuatl-language confessionary, for the use of priests administering confession to Nahuas.
  • The text was written by Thomas Pinpin, who appears as the printer of the former book, and a confessionary by Blancas de San Jose, who probably edited the volume, is included. Cited from Doctrina Christiana, by Anonymous
  • He wore an old jacket through the rents of which peered his dark skin; according to what they said, they were both on their way to the intersection of Aravaca road and the Extremadura cart-road, to a spot they called the Confessionary. Cited from The Quest, by Pio Baroja
  • In 2006, Greek newspapers reported the Archbishop's displeasure at a decision by the centre-right government of New Democracy under Kostas Karamanlis to discontinue the practice of allowing Greek Orthodox priests to use public schools for confessionary purposes.