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  • Its text is still in wide use in particular among confessionally Reformed churches.
  • His religious teaching was confessionally independent and open to pupils of all religions.
  • The marriage of his parents was confessionally mixed, the father being a Catholic and the mother a Protestant.
  • While remaining confessionally Calvinist, the religious character of the church is now less cohesive and more difficult to assess.
  • Seats in the Parliament are confessionally distributed but elected by universal suffrage.
  • Yet, there are also politically and confessionally independent, interdisciplinary and not-for-profit student organisations.
  • This late adoption suggests strong resistance to changes within entrenched confessionally-based organisational policies consistent with a testimonial-party model.
  • Founded in 2005, it is an independent, confessionally Reformed college with no formal denominational ties.
  • This institution was founded with the intention of restoring the confessionally Catholic pre-Revolutionary traditions of learning in Leuven.
  • Initially intending to write confessionally each day for a month, Tyler continued with her story for 16 months, gaining a broad and loyal daily readership.
  • Camaquito is a politically and confessionally neutral international charity that supports children and adolescents in Cuba in the fields of education, sport, culture and health.
  • Although distributed confessionally, all members, regardless of their religious faith, are elected by universal suffrage, forcing politicians to seek support from outside of their own religious communities, unless their co-religionists overwhelmingly dominate their particular constituency.
  • In protest, the Pennsylvania Ministerium and four other synods left the General Synod and issued a call to the various independent synods to form a new and confessionally-based federation.
  • It is confessionally evangelical and deliberately transdenominational, seeking to provide ministry training for all Christians in Hawaii, as well as the nations of the Pacific and Pacific Rim.
  • It is a politically and confessionally neutral organisation.
  • Following the parishioners' plesbiscite in 1817 all Palatine Lutheran and Reformed congregations merged into confessionally united Protestant congregations.
  • The German parishioners of the Moravian Church, which is a member of the Lutheran World Federation, are also confessionally counting as Lutherans.
  • These concentrations of German settlement also witnessed a large influx of more confessionally-oriented Lutherans, who formed the current-day Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in opposition to the syncretism they believed the Evangelicals represented.
  • As the importance of the Lutheran Confessions grew among American Lutherans, Samuel Schmucker -- who was once seen confessionally conservative -- found himself on the outside of the consensus of other Lutherans.
  • Consequently government censuses in 1922 and 1931 would categorize Palestinians confessionally as Muslims, Christians and Jews, with the category of Arab absent.
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