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  • Both confess that they were putting off love until they got themselves together.
  • When the two finally do confess to each other, there is still one more problem.
  • Why did it take him so long to confess it to us, to talk to us?
  • He goes to the police station confessing his crime that he killed her.
  • They told each other all their thoughts, they understood them even without confessing them. Cited from Women of Modern France, by Hugo P. Thieme
  • He later would confess that the success of this song even surprised himself.
  • She has since confessed that her drug taking was the reason why she was written out.
  • She soon finds her father, who takes her home as she begins to confess her powers.
  • He thought he was going to die so he confessed to his part in the murder.
  • He finally gets her to confess what she is trying to do.
  • After he confessed the business relationship to her, she wanted to leave him and he killed her.
  • They confess their love for each other, but agree never to meet again.
  • He goes in search for her, and they confess their feelings for each other.
  • She confessed that her husband himself was the author of the work.
  • After confessing their love for one another, they are faced with much opposition.
  • Four police officers set to work to force the prisoners to confess.
  • I did not confess to him that I knew these feelings from my own personal experience.
  • This is heard by the children, who use this opportunity to finally confess all to their parents.
  • She also confesses to saving his life because she wanted to die before he did.
  • If they could not make prisoners confess, they would transfer them to the hot unit.
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Meaning of confess

  • verb Confess to a punishable or reprehensible deed, usually under pressure
  • verb Confess to god in the presence of a priest, as in the catholic faith