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  • Contact materials are usually composed of superior conduction materials such as silver or gold.
  • Analysis of non steady-state conduction systems is more complex than steady-state systems.
  • Analysis of non steady-state conduction systems is more complex than steady-state systems.
  • Conduction sealing systems delay production time because of required system warm-up time.
  • In conduction, the heat flow is within and through the body itself.
  • This is a very simple model of how hole conduction works.
  • In general, the study of heat conduction is based on several principles.
  • If implemented in devices, these materials could provide a new type of control of conduction.
  • These states are close to the conduction band edge and therefore act as donors.
  • Air conduction results in isolation, give little information regarding the type of hearing loss.
  • At some point the heat energy in the fluid is usually transferred to some other object by means conduction again.
  • It is the only hearing aid device that works via direct bone conduction.
  • However, many of these form deep acceptors and do not produce significant p-type conduction at room temperature.
  • One could picture the conduction electrons flowing around them like a river around an island or a big rock.
  • This condition, in turn, allows the heat in the object to be expressed as conduction.
  • They discuss strategies for conduction joint and combined operations within modern theater battle space.
  • Bone conduction is one reason why a person's voice sounds different to him/her when it is recorded and played back.
  • In conduction, energy is passed from one atom to another by direct contact.
  • The latter is unique in that it can be turned back off by the control electrode after conduction begins.
  • Such a state never occurs in this situation, but rather the end of the process is when there is no heat conduction at all.
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  • noun The transmission of heat or electricity or sound