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  • Even so they are conducive to the good of the world outside also.
  • I think that sort of environment its conducive for us to do good work.
  • On the other hand strong states are not always the form of political organization most conducive to economic development.
  • The first time is to make sure it is conducive to being read on the air.
  • The Newly constructed school building provides conducive environment and all round education for students.
  • Whether this practice is conducive to fair process has been the subject of critical investigation.
  • As a side effect, however, these conditions were also conducive to criminal activity.
  • We are given positions of power that are conducive to leaders of a small country.
  • The stadium proved not to be very conducive to minor-league baseball play.
  • They saw a more professional and skilled civil service as being conducive with these interests.
  • However they had accomplished their task and created a friendly environment conducive to new plants.
  • Good online learning is difficult to plan, it is quite conducive to educational learning.
  • The design of its wings is more conducive to swimming rather than for flight.
  • A rural setting was chosen because it was considered more conducive to study than a location in the city.
  • It is well-endowed with many above-standard facilities conducive to whole person development.
  • He stated that good physical matches may be conducive to good relationships.
  • They found that while good online learning is difficult to plan, it is quite conducive to educational learning.
  • Other cases, however, may be more conducive to class treatment.
  • The team concept was intended to be conducive for television, where episodes could be regularly produced.
  • This was much more conducive for the interactions between women and their children.
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