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  • The three-issue series was a condensed version of the film with a few added scenes.
  • Also near this condensed area are many well-attended churches, as well as a community fire department house.
  • The importance of this effect for condensed state physics became completely clear only much later.
  • He then condensed the story, leaving a third beyond the scheduled game.
  • Each issue had a wide variety of articles and features, as well as a condensed book section.
  • A condensed milk factory was built shortly after the railway station was opened.
  • These subjects remain active areas of study in the field of condensed matter physics.
  • The company initially produced only condensed milk, but soon grew to produce other milk products.
  • The story was also condensed down from occurring over two days to a single day.
  • The district previously operated seven schools until grade levels were condensed.
  • It was a condensed version of the first three episodes of the series.
  • Owing to the condensed means of construction, more green space remains available.
  • The album featured a condensed version of the story as well.
  • A condensed form of these books is also available in English.
  • Each region has its own holidays on top of this condensed traditional Chinese set.
  • It follows the same basic story, though in a somewhat condensed form.
  • Various scholars have continued the history or have issued it in a condensed form.
  • The three-issue series was a condensed version of the film, with a few added scenes that were never shot.
  • Moning originally planned the series as five additional books but has since stated she condensed it into three.
  • More water is flashed into steam which is also subsequently condensed into more salt-free water.
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Root form of condensed is condense for the verb.

Meaning of condensed

  • verb Undergo condensation; change from a gaseous to a liquid state and fall in drops
    water condenses, The acid distills at a specific temperature
  • verb Remove water from
    condense the milk
  • verb Cause a gas or vapor to change into a liquid
    The cold air condensed the steam
  • verb Become more compact or concentrated
    Her feelings condensed
  • verb Develop due to condensation
    All our planets condensed out of the same material
  • verb Compress or concentrate
    Congress condensed the three-year plan into a six-month plan