condensation can

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  • The advantage of this technique is that no condensation can form on components.
  • These nuclei are so effective that condensation can occur even before the dewpoint is reached.
  • It is not possible, therefore, that condensation can take place if the atoms remain monovalent. Cited from Scientific American Supplement, No. 794, March 21, 1891, by Various
  • Over time, wealth condensation can significantly contribute to the persistence of inequality within society.
  • The mass condensation can be either a point mass or distributed mass, but should be spherically symmetric with respect to the center of the void.
  • Condensation can be brought about by processes including deacetylation and methylation; the action of methylation is indirect and has no effect upon charge.
  • Clouds of condensation can sometimes be seen rising from manholes in Manhattan through orange and white "chimneys".
  • One finds that string-net condensation can generate infinitely many different types of topological orders, which may indicate that there are many different new types of materials remaining to be discovered.
  • In addition to making the shock waves themselves visible, water condensation can also occur in the trough between two crests of the shock waves produced by the passing of the object.
  • These extreme methods are generally impractical in the long term, as they require refilling reservoirs of vaporizing coolant, and condensation can be formed on chilled components.
  • The product of the condensation can be hydrogenated to yield macrocyclic tetradentate ligands.
  • Bose-Einstein condensation can occur in quasiparticles, particles that are effective descriptions of collective excitations in materials.
  • DNA condensation can be induced in vitro either by applying external force to bring the double helices together, or by inducing attractive interactions between the DNA segments.
  • A team from Jagiellonian University produced statistical model economies showing that wealth condensation can occur whether or not total wealth is growing (if it is not, this implies that the poor could become poorer).
  • This amount grows (vapor pressure decreases) along with decrease in particle size, the critical diameter for which condensation can occur at the present saturation level is called Kelvin diameter.
  • The disadvantage of thin aluminum is that it does not offer much insulation, which means that condensation can build on the outside of the bottle when cold drinks are transported, and hot drinks will result in a bottle which cannot be comfortably touched.