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  • Such concussion could be produced when a horse is always worked on a hard surface.
  • He suffered from a concussion in this game and another some time soon after.
  • He left the game late in the first half after suffering a concussion.
  • Young children have the highest concussion rate among all age groups.
  • He suffered a concussion that finished his season and essentially ended his major league career.
  • His rugby league career ended after a series of concussions and a serious fall.
  • He missed the final game of his senior season due to a concussion.
  • He was forced to miss the rest of the game with a concussion.
  • He was replaced at half time because he was suffering from concussion.
  • The hit gave Moon a concussion and forced him to leave the game.
  • He was later treated and released from a local hospital for a concussion.
  • He suffered a concussion, and was forced to miss the next two races.
  • In his first game he suffered a concussion and has since retired from playing the game of hockey.
  • His season was ended just after Christmas when he suffered a severe concussion during a game.
  • Many of those on board were immediately killed by concussion or burned to death.
  • Also it was found that female college basketball players typically receive concussions during games rather than practices.
  • He suffered concussion and lost most of his right hand.
  • Suffering from a concussion, he was taken to the hospital, where he died the following day.
  • He subsequently retired due to concussions suffered during his career.
  • He missed the match due to concussion which he received in the semi-final.
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Meaning of concussion

  • noun Injury to the brain caused by a blow; usually resulting in loss of consciousness
  • noun Any violent blow