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  • These students actually can complete the first two years of college concurrently with finishing high school.
  • In some cases, different names were used concurrently for the same city.
  • The mayor and council members are elected concurrently for four-year terms.
  • From here, the stories run concurrently until the end of the film.
  • The two routes travel east concurrently along the southern edge of the city.
  • Frequently both feet are involved concurrently, thus the saying "one hand, two feet".
  • It was the first version of Space Mountain to open concurrently with the park.
  • For some years both systems were used concurrently in the UK.
  • Tournament games are played concurrently, and some players may have more than one hundred games continuing at the same time.
  • The direct-to-video productions continued to be produced concurrently with at least one entry per year.
  • He was given a sentence of two years in prison for each count, to run concurrently.
  • The concept allows promising high school students to attend high school and college concurrently.
  • In the United Kingdom, major through routes do not run concurrently with others.
  • David's career as a novelist developed concurrently with his comic book writing career.
  • Members of both chambers were elected for five-year terms, running concurrently with that of the president.
  • He concurrently held the portfolio of Foreign Minister during his term in office.
  • All of these groups work concurrently on different projects.
  • Each magisterial office would be held concurrently by at least two people.
  • She was sentenced to two six month jail terms to be served concurrently.
  • Concurrently, a significant intermediate conclusion can be drawn from the research thus far.
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Meaning of concurrently

  • adverb Overlapping in duration
    concurrently with the conference an exhibition of things associated with Rutherford was held, going to school and holding a job at the same time