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  • In these cases most local concurrency control techniques do not scale well.
  • Concurrency theory has been an active field of research in theoretical computer science.
  • Here, the route makes a left turn onto that road, forming a three-route concurrency.
  • These highways join the concurrency until they leave in town about later.
  • In those nations which do permit concurrencies, it can become very common.
  • Agent systems are used to model real-world systems with concurrency or parallel processing.
  • Both of these cases can be considered short concurrencies.
  • Several states do not officially have any concurrencies, instead officially ending routes on each side of one.
  • The concurrency heads northwest into Jackson, where they head to the west for a short while.
  • Lesser concurrencies with state and county roads also exist in various parts of the state.
  • Taken as a whole, this interchange can be considered part of a wrong-way concurrency.
  • Taken as a whole, this interchange can be considered part of a wrong-way concurrency.
  • New Hampshire also signs nearly all route concurrencies in the same way.
  • Some of these are based on message passing, while others have different mechanisms for concurrency.
  • Some nations allow for concurrencies to occur, however some nations specifically do not allow it to happen.
  • The concurrency takes place northwest of the downtown district of the city.
  • Thus, without concurrency control such systems can neither provide correct results nor maintain their databases consistent.
  • This means, that there can not be conflict, but there can be concurrency.
  • Some concurrency control strategies avoid some or all of these problems.
  • He worked on and managed various projects relating to issues of concurrency and programming languages.
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