Concubine's Children

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  • The Concubine's Children has been translated into several languages.
  • Since then The Concubine's Children has been converted into a stage play, by Chong herself.
  • Before being published as a novel, The Concubine's Children appeared as an article in the magazine Saturday Night.
  • The Concubine's Children is Chong's first book, which she compiled from letters, photographs and memory.
  • The Concubine's Children ends with a chapter describing this trip and the first meeting between then, 57-year-old Hing/Winnie and her siblings.
  • As the title reflects, Egg on Mao will pick up on both the genre (historical non-fiction) and the fascinations of both of Chong's earlier books: The Concubine's Children (1994) and The Girl in the Picture: The Kim Phuc Story (1999).
  • The Concubine's Children documents the life of Denise Chong's grandfather, Chan Sam; grandmother, May-ying; her mother, Hing (or Winnie, as she was known outside of Chinatown); her mother's siblings, Ping, Nan, and Gok-leng; and half sibling, Yuen.