concubine named

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  • Qasim was Harun's third son, born to a slave concubine named Qasif.
  • Among the killed were Mexia and his Indian concubine named Louisa or Heloise. Cited from The History of Puerto Rico, by R.A. Van Middeldyk
  • After the death of the concubine Wu, he procured for the emperor a new concubine named Yang, of a western family. Cited from A History of China., [3d ed. rev. and enl.], by Wolfram Eberhard
  • Mustafa falls in love with a concubine named Nora (later Efsun) and she gets pregnant.
  • As Wang Lung becomes more prosperous, he buys a concubine named Lotus.
  • Duke Jing also had a favoured concubine named Yu Si, who was from the minor state of Chunyu.
  • According to Mudrarakshasa, Chandragupta was the son of a royal concubine named Mura and spent his childhood in the Nanda palace.
  • Al-Musta'in was the son of al-Mutawakkil I by a Turkish concubine named Bay Khatun.
  • He was taught to renounce all earthly possessions and to live a life of peace and discipline, but then one day a concubine named Jade Moon came to him in his temple, begging for help in trying to escape her bonds.
  • And Saul had a concubine named Respha, the daughter of Aia. Cited from The Bible, Douay-Rheims, 2 Kings Book 10
  • Al-Hakam was the son of Hisham I, Emir of Cordoba and a concubine named Zokhrouf.
  • Historical sources say that the prince referred to as al-Mughira was Abu al-Mutarrif al-Mughira, the last born son of the caliph 'Abd al-Rahman III, born to a concubine named Mushtaq.
  • Floodwater washed some of these into KV47, the adjacent 19th dynasty tomb of Pharaoh Siptah, causing Egyptologists to believe they belong to a like-named mother of Siptah, but since then Siptah's mother has been identified as a Syrian concubine named Sutailja.
  • One (now known to be apocryphal) legend holds that sometime before the Sukhothai era (Thai era from 1808-1824), a concubine named either Nopharmas (Thai Peerage) or Tao Srijulaluk (another name of Thai peerage) wrote a book entitled Tumrubtaosrijulaluk.