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  • So the man took his concubine and brought her out to them.
  • Do you think I am going to stay under this roof as your concubine? Cited from Plays by August Strindberg, Second series, by August Strindberg
  • After the death of his wife and son he took a concubine.
  • Men were allowed to have more than one wife and several concubines.
  • Marriage between the master and his concubine was only possible if she was granted free status first.
  • When she was young, her father sent her to be a concubine for the king.
  • This included sons born outside marriage and many kings had semi-official concubines.
  • They are only concubines, and once in the palace they are dead to me. Cited from Court Life in China, by Isaac Taylor Headland
  • And the king left ten women, which were concubines, to keep the house. Cited from The Bible, King James, 2 Samuel Book 10
  • He had many sons through various concubines and killed those who he saw were not considered worthy.
  • Ever since he lost his mother, his father's concubine treated him badly.
  • It was said that he loved her greatly, and he had no concubines.
  • But his mother was a concubine and his half brothers opposed him.
  • He would order for the most beautiful girls to be brought to him and made them his concubines against their will.
  • He took all his sisters as concubines, saying they could not have a better husband than their brother. Cited from History of the Incas, by Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa
  • In the same year he married a seventh wife, and also a concubine. Cited from A Critical Exposition of the Popular 'Jihad', by Moulavi Gery"gh Ali
  • Whether these women were his wives or concubines, each relationship can be described.
  • He married many times and had many children by his wives and concubines.
  • She might have been a concubine or have a marriage not recognized by the church.
  • Stateira seems to have been his only legal wife despite his numerous concubines.
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Meaning of concubine

  • noun A woman who cohabits with an important man