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  • Info A concourse is a place where pathways or roads meet, such as in a hotel, a convention center, a railway station, an airport terminal, a hall, or other space.
  • He looked on the people as if he had seen many such concourses. Cited from American Notebooks, V1,by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • There is a food hall on the lower concourse, mostly serving fast food.
  • The new concourse part was opened at first in the same month.
  • Concourse D can be built without having to move any existing structure.
  • A typical station has a concourse level and one or more platform levels.
  • There is a full concourse so you can walk all the way around the arena.
  • The north entrance provides direct access to the concourse level only with stairs.
  • Between the north and south sides of the station is a passenger concourse.
  • One room off the concourse has been made into a video arcade.
  • The station has an extensive concourse level above track level.
  • A concourse food zone in departure security hold will be opened soon.
  • The upper concourse area was very narrow, along the sides, and it was also the standing room area.
  • Formerly a rail connection ran across the concourse of the main station.
  • The station's concourses, however, are at ground level and open directly onto the street.
  • The design and construction of the new C/D concourse has not been scheduled.
  • The light rail stop is in an outside concourse area, near the main waiting area and departure hall.
  • It has a central entrance and the gates branch out east to west on the two concourses.
  • Fans got to hear free music and also take a look at many of the items on the concourse.
  • There is a second concourse inside the stand which can be opened and used as a second executive area to the ground.
  • The concourse has a floor area of and will be able to serve more than five million passengers annually.
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Meaning of concourse

  • noun A wide hallway in a building where people can walk
  • noun A coming together of people