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  • This research led him to begin to look for other ways of conceptualizing depression.
  • We try to do the best job we can of conceptualizing how to do things in a better, up-to-date way.
  • As the brothers were conceptualizing the various worlds, they also wrote down pieces of the story.
  • The writer must spend time considering and conceptualizing how he or she will complete the desired project or program.
  • Psychoanalysis has a long history of conceptualizing religious belief in terms of relationship between the self and others.
  • She worked on the game as a character designer, conceptualizing the game's main and supporting cast.
  • Ledonne had spent many years conceptualizing games, but never created one due to his lack of game design and programming knowledge.
  • It has emerged as a way of conceptualizing one's thoughts whether it be in speech or on paper.
  • In recent team research, functional leadership theory has been presented as especially appropriate for conceptualizing the role of the team leader.
  • Each model has its own approach using different ways in conceptualizing a problem and developing treatment plans that support the goals stated for therapy.
  • Usually, this involves conceptualizing the problem in a completely new way.
  • An important distinction to be made is between ordering steps of an action and conceptualizing those steps.
  • Similarly, bring this understanding to the point of not conceptualizing or thinking about any phenomenon in any way.
  • Overall, middle-class persons, especially upper-middle-class individuals, are characterized by conceptualizing, creating and consulting.
  • They harbor an innate desire to express themselves by conceptualizing their own intellectual designs.
  • She often asks family members and friends to be photographed in certain clothing to aid her in conceptualizing a piece of art.
  • Grounded theory is a general methodology, a way of thinking about and conceptualizing data.
  • As a result, outcomes are not yet widely recognized as a valid way of conceptualizing what learning is about.
  • Other features include the "classroom" where students can learn about cracking problems and conceptualizing solutions to cases.
  • Since then, many others have engaged in the pursuit of conceptualizing and naming numbers that really have no existence outside of the imagination.
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Root form of conceptualizing is conceptualize for the verb.