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  • She was active in the early conceptualist art scene in that city.
  • He left teaching and formed the documentary film production company, Conceptualist Films.
  • His work was influenced the conceptualist movement in the 1970s.
  • He is known as the founder, conceptualist and artistic director of monochrom, an international art and theory group.
  • To call them the same we must treat them as if each were simultaneously its own other, a feat on conceptualist principles impossible of performance. Cited from A Pluralistic Universe, by William James
  • He does not similarly challenge a conceptualist model which construes God's knowledge along the lines of innate ideas.
  • A conceptualist, Nadin's first work in semiotics was rather on the theory than in application.
  • The doctrine of middle knowledge is one such conceptualist model of divine cognition which Craig has explored.
  • According to them, Prior had openly made fun of all traditional conceptualist and neo-conceptualist practices.
  • Re-workings of conceptualist strategies, such as process and repetition, are a prominent feature of Mark's early art practice.
  • Conceptualist logicians, who speak of judgments instead of propositions, of course define the judgment in their own language. Cited from Logic, by Carveth Read
  • Simone Salvatori, the lyricist and conceptualist behind the band, has been known to create a unique feel within their traditionally folk style.
  • Critics argue that conceptualist approaches only answer the psychological question of universals.
  • The groups are also linked to developments in the visual arts; Schoolwerth is a noted conceptualist painter.
  • Notably, this conceptualist approach marks a radical departure from functionalism as part of the modernist movement.
  • This focus represents a conscious departure from the abstract and conceptualist art that was popular when he attended graduate school and that has continued to dominate from an academic point of view.
  • However, many of the artists on Sretensky Boulevard were part of the Moscow Conceptualist school.
  • After a period of relative decline in the conceptualist 1970s, national art revived in the 1980s under the influence of the world's renewed interest in traditional painting.
  • Another artist critical of socio political agendas in business is conceptualist Hans Haacke.
  • Frazer thought that conceptualist explanations of conception resulted in the beginning of totem clans derived from a particular natural creature.
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