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  • His best-known theory consists of conceptualising law as social engineering.
  • He was also responsible for conceptualising the album art for Enter the Grave.
  • The process of documentary research often involves some or all of conceptualising, using and assessing documents.
  • Ultimately, conceptualising social relations this way gives rise to an image of society as a web of interrelated spaces.
  • L-Tido directs and works on the conceptualising of all his own music videos.
  • Sinha spent around three months conceptualising the costumes, watching various superhero films to design a costume not created already.
  • Problems in conceptualising and evaluating complex social interventions relying on a technical base are familiar from community health and community education.
  • Collins had difficulty conceptualising a plot for the corresponding music video.
  • He is now conceptualising energy-drink and lifestyle brand Red Bull's Culture Program for India.
  • It is involved in conceptualising and planning stages and offers clinical supervision and guidance for the running of the group.
  • The magazine is an almost completely in-house production, which is managed by the magazine team composed of students and teachers, who are involved in its production from the conceptualising to the printing stages.
  • When conceptualising the visual component of a cinematic theatre performance it is important to address the overall style with reference to the script/narrative/context.
  • Anna Freud, in conceptualising the developmental lines was aware that children could not be expected to proceed evenly across all lines.
  • The vision of CLAWS is to join leading international think tanks in conceptualising various aspects of land warfare, with special reference to India and its extended neighbourhood.
  • Constitutional thought prevailed to an extent, and the 1977 Soviet Constitution had a greater effect on conceptualising the Soviet system.
  • Nevertheless the model is cited as useful for conceptualising the process that results in only a small number of individuals from a large group of disgruntled people will commit acts of violence against the innocent.
  • Sharpe's Christmas, is a short story collection by historical fiction author Bernard Cornwell which he began conceptualising in 1980s.
  • The curriculum introduces students to painting and drawing typography, print making, conceptualising and lay-outing of press and magazine advertisements.
  • The student run Backwaters Committee is in charge of conceptualising the festival, external and internal branding, and corporate sponsorship and support.
  • This is an entirely new theoretical framework for conceptualising consumerism in religion in the context of globalization.
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Root form of conceptualising is conceptualise for the verb.