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  • This love for reading and writing would later help him conceptualise his artistic vision in his works.
  • Controversy also concerns the most effective ways to measure emotions and conceptualise how one emotion can differ from another.
  • Once they receive the creative brief from their account team, the creative team will conceptualise ideas to take to their creative director for feedback.
  • This new global political structure made obsolete the classical Westphalian concept of a system of sovereign states to conceptualise world politics.
  • His understanding of dementia was a traditional and distinctly non-modern one in the sense that he did not conceptualise it as irreversible state.
  • She then went on to join UTV STARS during its inception and helped conceptualise and script shows, while hosting it.
  • Some social scientists conceptualise knowledge within a naturalistic framework, and emphasize the gradation of recent knowledge into knowledge acquired over many generations.
  • Brown stated that he wanted to "redefine" the group and conceptualise a new image that would represent his perception of their personas.
  • Having previously worked as a photo editor, she is currently advising the young think tank xaidialoge on how to conceptualise democracy in a language of pictures.
  • Sculpture - typically colourless form - generates in the mind the idea of shape which we must conceptualise, as with 'proportion'.
  • He did not conceptualise their state as irreversible and thus his use of the term dementia was equivalent to that formed in the eighteenth century as outlined above.
  • Those who supported Constitutional law believed that the Constitution should "conceptualise" and incorporate some of the Party's future ideological goals.
  • Acts as the congregator for aspiring young changemakers to conceptualise and execute projects on a community and national level.
  • Proving a solution to the three-dimensional case, despite being easy to conceptualise and model in the physical world, eluded mathematicians until the mid-20th century.
  • Faiman also helped conceptualise the Webby Award Winning multi-platform project SkillsOne.
  • This can be particularly challenging when considering processes which are difficult to conceptualise or have no easily definable task associated with them (for example belief and consciousness).
  • This list provides a general overview of different traditions in the sociology of emotion that sometimes conceptualise emotion in different ways and at other times in complementary ways.
  • Due to the difficulty and complexity of the undertaking, it took Bhaduri a decade to conceptualise the project.
  • Criteria and indicators are tools which can be used to conceptualise, evaluate and implement sustainable forest management.
  • The PA AA Council will also conceptualise and organise programmes in support of active ageing.
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