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  • The stone or wood on either head also consists of a black inner concentric circle.
  • The concentric shape was the most prominent design move, and had many reasons for being.
  • The site of the village currently consists of three concentric man-made rivers that once surrounded the village.
  • The Town is made up of concentric medieval streets that work their way down the hill.
  • Two other concentric circles, one light and one dark, represent light and shadow.
  • Each concentric circle expanded out from the center by the length of one pace.
  • For example, women and men may form concentric same-sex circles, or they may dance in separate areas.
  • Concentric growth lines are mostly present, and very often produce prominent ridges.
  • The c-base is a system of seven concentric rings that can move in relation to one another.
  • There was no further talk of the concentric advance of three armies on London.
  • This plan tried to break away from the traditional, singe-center concentric model of development.
  • The whole surface is with very fine concentric lines.
  • There is also a ring-like formation on the floor that is concentric with the inner wall.
  • This theory states that the concentric circles are based on the amount that people will pay for the land.
  • The city is divided into a number of concentric quadrangular streets around the temple.
  • The process is repeated until the surface of the water is covered with concentric rings.
  • The layout of the site is surrounded by two concentric walls which served as defense against attack.
  • The shape of each layer is like a large circle with a smaller, concentric circle removed.
  • These have been created by the construction of brick walls, and are located in a roughly concentric plan around the rock.
  • It consists of three concentric circles, with a red outer, white middle and black inner.
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Synonyms of concentric

Meaning of concentric

  • adjective Having a common center
    concentric rings