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  • The present comune is on the eastern side of the river.
  • The Comune of Rome covers an overall area of about, including many green areas.
  • Its name comes from the river of the same name which crosses the comune in a north-south direction.
  • Plus, the comune has several little villages, spread across the region.
  • It is an important agricultural, commercial and industrial comune and city.
  • A province is composed of many municipalities (comune), and usually several provinces form a region.
  • Each comune also has a gonfalone bearing its coat of arms.
  • The area of the comune spread on the right bank of the Sabato river.
  • As part of the comune of Livigno, it is also a duty-free area.
  • The separate comune of Anacapri is located high on the hills to the west.
  • The village of Pratola since then has become the major town of the comune and it is the seat of the town hall.
  • The average height within the comune is 56 metres above sea level.
  • It has the third-largest land area of any comune in Italy, at, after Rome and Ravenna.
  • Today every Italian comune (municipality) has a gonfalon sporting its coat of arms.
  • The major part of the population lives in small hamlets dotting the comune.
  • Arsoli is a town and comune in the province of Rome, central Italy.
  • Quite often English language television signals that are broadcast from the nearby NATO base can be picked up throughout the comune.
  • Monterotondo is a town and comune in the Province of Rome, central Italy.
  • The comune of Gioi has a history that dates back well over 1000 years.
  • In some cases, a comune might not have a capoluogo but only some frazioni.
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